Playing on a regular basis helps me to de-stress, and it keeps my skill level and sharpness up to par. I believe that even if you play the same songs you know over and over, it can help your fingers to become more agile, and “know” your fret board on a more intimate level. This is what it means to become a professional guitarist. To have more skill and technique.


Let me talk about technique for a minute. Knowing 1000 chords will not create “technique” for you, nor will learning and memorizing all of the scales. It will help you know how to play more things on your guitar, but you can’t memorize technique. It is created by doing. Playing the guitar for hours and hours carves the uniqueness into your playing style. That is why when you hear a professional guitarist, they sound awesome, but different compared to any other pro guitarist. It is the reason why there is the never ending debate on “which one is better”. The fact is, two guitarists are both better than each other, but for different reasons.

Anyhow, back to the story. I picked up my acoustic out of its case, and began to play it as I normally do on a regular basis. I find that sometimes I play a different array of notes, chords, songs etc… Compared to other times. It just depends on what comes out of my fingers at a particular time. Yes, the music comes out of my fingertips. I do not even think about what the fretting hand is doing anymore, or where it will go next. How that finger will reach the next note. Practicing enough hours has made the guitar an expression extending off the end of my hands. My hope in designing this website was to help other musicians become the same way by reading my articles, and then simply doing. Repeating sounds, songs, chords, notes. You can only get better at something by doing it. There are pages which give the chords to you, and describe techniques and scales. In the end though, they are just words on a website. You must perform them on your instrument to truly know that stuff.


If I were your guitar teacher, I’d tell you right now, “go pick up your guitar and start playing.” I don’t care what you play, just do it. I remember some days I would go into guitar lessons and my teacher would not teach me something new, he’d just pick up a second guitar, and we’d jam. The important thing to be learned from it is, just play the guitar. You don’t always need something to learn something new. Your hands can always continue to learn by doing the same thing they always do.

Sometimes when I see a person with a guitar, I will ask them to play for me. They always guaranteed every time ask me “play what?” …and I tell them, “I don’t care what. I just want to hear how you play the guitar.”

Every musician is different. Each has their own unique style and technique. Pick up your guitar often to slowly develop yours!